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Resource files

This page provides Ovation Pro-related files for downloading. In the list below, the compressed size of each file is shown in brackets. Note that all files are archived, so you will need a de-archiver such as !SparkPlug to de-archive them.


  • Dutch
    Upgrade to JMAH van Vredenburch's Dutch dictionary and hypenation dictionary. (419K) (24/8/2010).

  • French
    Upgrade to JMAH van Vredenburch's French dictionary. (126K) (24/8/2010).

  • Dutch hypenation
    Upgrade to Paul Sprangers large Dutch hyphenation dictionary. (725K) (26/10/2010).


  • !TransIMP 1.06
    Impression document loader, requires Ovation Pro 2.60 or later 26/32 bit compatible(30K) (10/2/2007).

  • !TransDDF 1.13
    Latest version with bug fixes. 26/32 bit compatible (16K) (10/2/2007).

  • !TransRTF 1.83
    Latest version with various bug fixes (21K).

  • !TransRTF 2.02
    Rewritten 26/32 bit version - 28th March 2007 (21K).

  • !TransData 1.01
    Crude attempt to strip ASCII text out of any file. 26/32 bit compatible (9K).

  • !TransFSI 1.01
    Graphics loader using ChangeFSI. Bug fixed for RISC OS 5. (9K).

  • !TranTIFF+ 1.01
    Improved TIFF loader. (77K).

  • !TransPCD 1.01
    PhotoCD loader using ChangeFSI. Bug fixed for RISC OS 5. (9K).

  • !Server
    Replacement !Server file. 26/32 bit compatible. The filters above which are 26/32 bit compatible already include this file. (5K).


  • ImpKeys
    Set the key short-cuts to resemble those in Impression. (2K).

  • Multirow
    Sample multi-row button bar. (9K).

Program Fixes

  • CCprfix 1.03
    Latest version of script which fixes problems of upside-down pictures printed using Turbo Drivers or Laser Direct.(1K).

  • Replacement Thesaurus data file
    The data file in some versions of the Thesaurus is corrupt, this file fixes it. The corrupt file is in the version of Thesaurus supplied on white floppy discs and on CD's which either don't have a DavidPilling.Documentation.Changes file, or where the Changes file starts at the 9th of October 2000. (60K).

  • Thesaurus upgrade.
    Upgrade Thesaurus from version 1.24 to 1.25. 1.25 is 26/32 bit compatible. (100K).


  • Applets (07/09/99)
    Series of three articles by Tony Howat published in Risc User in 1998 on writing OvationPro applets. (165K).

  • Macros (07/12/99)
    Series of two articles by John Pettigrew published in Acorn User in 1999 on writing OvationPro macros. (26K).

  • Applets (30/4/05)
    A series of three articles written by John Pettigrew on writing Ovation Pro applets published in Acorn User in 2000. (236K).

  • CMYKC (18/11/99)
    Notes on how to calibrate the on screen conversion to RGB of CMYK colours. (4K).

  • RISC OS 4 (18/11/99)
    Discussion of problems with RISC OS 4 and solutions (1K).

  • Spell (18/11/99)
    Applet demonstrating how to make use of spelling error events (pedagogical use only)(1.5K).

  • Impression DDF specification (19/11/03)
    Explains how to write DDF files. The point being that DDF files are an easy way to produce marked up text, and Ovation Pro can read them if the DDF filter is installed. File appears by kind permission of XAT(9K).

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