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RISC OS Software


Hearsay - data communications/modem program

SparkFS - archive filing system

TWAIN - scanner drivers/scanning software

ArcFax - fax modem software

Spell - spelling checker

Ovation Pro - desktop publisher

CrossStar - word square/crossword solver

Trace - Sprite to Draw conversion

Free Software

Collection of free utility software, SparkPlug, Serial buffer etc.


All my RISC OS software is now available (see the links below) in a form that will work on both new 32 bit systems and older 26 bit systems.

To use 32 bit versions of programs on old 26 bit versions of RISC OS, it will usually be necessary to install a new Shared C Library. This is done by upgrading System via !Boot. Some old versions of RISCĀ OS Select will stop you doing this unless patched.

New versions of a number of programs have been produced for ARMv7 machines like the ARMini and Beagle. The latest version of everything should work on these machines.

Below are links to the latest versions of software.

SerialBuffer 1.03
Calendar 1.04
Round Box 1.02
SCSI Test 1.01
Starchart 1.05
Trace 2.13
D2Font 1.10
Spark 2.28
Spark 2.29
Sparkplug 2.28
Sparkplug 2.29
CrossStar 2.14
Wordsquare 1.05
TransDDF 1.13 Ovation Pro filter
TransData 1.01 Ovation Pro filter
TransIMP 1.06 Ovation Pro filter
TranTIFF+ 1.00 Ovation Pro filter
TransRTF 2.02 Ovation Pro 26/32 bit filter
Transloader !Server file
Thesaurus 1.24 to 1.25 patch
SyncDiscs 1.10
(for later versions see http://www.chris-johnson.org.uk/software/sync.html)

The original name of the following scanning software can't be mentioned for legal reasons - these files are not TWAIN scanner drivers but for the program that usually uses TWAIN
DPScan software upgrade to 1.26 (14th April 2016)
(for later versions see http://www.chris-johnson.org.uk/software/dpscan.html)

SparkFS upgrade to 1.46
SparkFS read only 1.46

Ovation Pro upgrade 2.60 or later to 2.77 (4th May 2016)
Ovation Pro 2.69 32 bit demo version
Ovation Pro Arrange applet 1.02
Ovation Pro Charges applet 1.05
Ovation Pro Colour Supplement applet 1.17
Ovation Pro Fill applet 1.09
Ovation Pro Grab applet 1.02
Ovation Pro EPS applet 1.07
Ovation Pro Prepress applet 1.01
Ovation Pro Today applet 1.02
Ovation Pro PCA applet 1.02
Ovation Pro Artworks applet 1.12
Ovation Pro Ovation 1 applet 1.06
Ovation Pro Impulse applet 1.05

SPrinter 1.04
Map or panorama maker 1.16
Spooler 1.33
Hearsay 2.23
Kermit 1.06
Spell 3.16

Snapper 1.07
(for later versions see http://www.chris-johnson.org.uk/software/snap.html)

ArcFax 1.21
MicroSpell 1.01
FontFix 0.07
File shrinker 0.06 - transparent access to single compressed files. GZip, RISC OS Squash, CC Compression.
KeyFix 1.07
TransFSI 1.01 Ovation Pro filter
TransPCD 1.01 Ovation Pro filter
Replacement transient utilities (with headers)

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Interesting and useful software
david@davidpilling.com Copyright David Pilling 2012