Ovation Pro

Work on Ovation Pro began at the end of 1992. The idea was to do a new version of Ovation for Beebug. Their idea was a modest upgrade, something that might take six months. I only got involved with the project because I enjoyed working with Beebug. Both of us could see the potential at the time for Internet software.

What happened is that the project became an attempt to do the best DTP program, six months turned into six years, all thoughts of Internet software were put to one side.

By this time I'd written several substantial pieces of RISC OS software and had enough experience to do a good job. I'd also written the Ovation DTP program and had learnt from that.

From both my and Beebug's point of view the project was not a success. Although it was finished and worked and sold in some numbers. The money raised was not fair reward for the time and effort put in. Ambition to do bigger and better projects collided with the constant reduction in the size of the Acorn market.

Beebug had full time staff, and the program was supplied as the times demanded with a lot of printed material and a complicated set of cardboard boxes, which someone had been paid to design.

The program was released to end users in 1996, and called complete in 1997 when the "Colour Supplement" was available. There followed another year of fixing bugs, which ended with the demise of Acorn Computers. On the first of July 1999 I took over the program from Beebug having paid them a substantial amount for the software and the remaining printed material.

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